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Army Recognition Group Defense and Security Weekly Web TV channel latest news and breaking news of international land, naval and air defense, security industry, exhibition and army - military issues.
The latest most important Defense and Security news of the week in video: 6 to 12 March 2017.

Summary March 2017 Episode 1: 6 to 12 March 2017

- 00:12 United States have deployed troops and Stryker armoured vehicles in Syria.
- 01:14 United States has started the deployment of THAAD air defense missile system in South Korea.
- 02:26 First tests of New HK 416 F by French army soldiers
- 04:13 Iran launches production line of new Karrar home-made MBT main battle tank.
- 05:31 Romania Sends Air Defense Specialists to Poland, B-Roll with Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon
- 07:04 Airbus Helicopters H160 to replace French Air Force Gazelle and Fennec helicopters
- 08:03 China's homegrown J-20 fighter jet enters service with Chinese Air Force
- 08:50 Belgium lower house approved RFP for F-16 fighters fleet replacement
- 10:14 Rafael Fires Spike Missile from Protector Unmanned Surface Vehicle
- 11:22 US Navy Conducts 1st Hellfire Surface to Surface Missile Test from Freedom-class LCS

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