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Army Recognition Group Defense and Security Weekly Web TV channel latest news and breaking news of international land, naval and air defense, security industry, exhibition and army - military issues.
The latest most important Defense and Security news of the week in video: 30 January to 3 February 2017.

Summary February 2017 Episode 1: 30 January to 3 February 2017

- 00:12 New Belarus-made Caiman 4x4 armoured vehicle will enter soon in service with Belarus army
- 01:28 Soldiers from the German Army arrived in Lithuania to form NATO Forward Presence Battalion
- 03:14 Turkey has launched new request to upgrade Leopard 2A4 and M60A3 main battle tanks.
- 04:30 Turkey continues its negotiations with Russia to purchase S-400 air defense missile systems.
- 05:27 Focus to the M777A2 Lightweight 155mm towed howitzer
- 07:04 Russian Air Force's Tu-22M3 strategic bombers wipe out Daesh facilities in Syria
- 07:35 IAI introduces new ADA GPS anti-jamming system for military aircraft
- 08:43 Russia officially presents the MiG-35 4th generation fighter jet
- 09:55 ROK Navy First Four AW-159 Wildcat Naval Helicopters Now Operational
- 11:23 German Navy’s 1st F125 Frigate Baden-Württemberg Testing its 127mm & 27mm Gun Systems
- 12:58 5 US Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Arrive in Japan to Support USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) CSG

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