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Army Recognition Group Defense and Security Weekly Web TV channel latest news and breaking news of international land, naval and air defense, security industry, exhibition and army - military issues.

The latest most important Defense and Security news of the week in video: 15 to 21 October 2018.

Summary of this video:

00:12 Latvia, last M109A5 self-propelled howitzers from Austria delivered
00:53 Chinese VT4 battle tanks for Thailand, a long saga
04:28 Taiwan to increase defense budget
06:15 Trident Juncture 2018, the most important NATO exercise since the Cold War
08:32 Russian Bumerang IFV may be equipped with the Kinzhal module
10:06 RAF Voyager tanker completes first air-to-air refueling of British F-35B
11:04 Airbus Racer high-speed chopper achieves preliminary design review
11:54 UAVOS successfully test-flies ApusDuo HAPS prototype
12:48 Naval Group present latest technologies of naval defense products at Euronaval 2018 exhibition in Paris, France.
14:45 Saab rolls-out its surface-launched RBS15 Gungnir at Euronaval 2018 maritime defence exhibition in Paris, France.

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