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Army Recognition Group with its Defense and Security Web TV channel launches the weekly news video, a summary of latest defense and security news of the week.
Each Friday of the week join us on Army Recognition Defense and Security Web TV channel to view the latest news and breaking news of international land, naval and air defense, security industry and army - military issues.
Episode 1: Week 1 to 4 March 2016
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Summary of the video:

- 00:11 Ukraine police new armoured vehicles
- 01:56 German Puma AIFV for Land 400 Australia
- 02:51 US Army is planning to deploy the first laser weapons in 2023
- 03:23 Russia launched the supplies of T-90S main battle tanks to Algeria in 2015,
- 05:14 Croatia approves purchase of 16 OH-58D Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters
- 06:03 New US Air Force B-21 bomber
- 07:01 New ground-based ballistic missiles as air-launched weapons IAI Sky Sniper
- 08:26 Defense budget for the Australian Navy
- 09:29 French Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Mediterranean to support the fight against ISIL

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